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My parents were worried when I ran around with scissors – now I play with fire and (intentionally) break glass! Based in the beautiful South West of England, close to the sea and often the scene of beautiful sunsets, I am inspired by the countryside around. Working with sea glass collected from remote beaches, soda lime glass from Murano, Italy, Europe, USA and beyond, I create artisan beads, for use in my own jewellery or for you to enjoy in your own creations. But I couldn’t stop there; continuing the theme from round rods to flat sheets, mostly from the USA, I break large sheets of transparent, opaque, multi-coloured and dichroic glass into much smaller pieces to make a kiln-formed range of bright, colourful jewellery and home decoration. Each piece I make is individually designed around the shape, size and beauty of the materials and intended to be unique, wearable, usable and affordable. All my glass work is kiln annealed for strength and durability and designed to give pleasure for years to come.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Whoops, there goes the weekend! But I have some questions for you ....

Last time I looked it was Friday - where's the weekend gone?  Did I oversleep?

Friday was the best day of the weekend. Well, it counts as weekend to me!   We like, amongst other things, folk music.  So when the opportunity arose to see Steve Tilston, Ralph McTell and others in a benefit concert for Maggie Boyle, who sadly has cancer, we signed up pretty quick.  If, at this stage, you are going 'who?' you'll have to use your favourite search engine and explore.  The Tilston family, who Keith Warmington referred to as like the Von Trapp family - are numerous and all musically talented.  We've seen them before and we'll see them again (although was it that many years since we saw Ralph McTell on stage?  Eeek!  That makes me ...... old!)

We knew this concert would be good, but under-estimated how good!  It was brilliant.  And a delight to see Maggie Boyle on stage with everyone else for the final number - except for Ralph McTell, he'd scooted off to go to ... I forget where; South Africa?


What else?  Week 2 of my on-line business course - which has taxed my brain somewhat.  As a result I have tweaked the listing for the gorgeous bracelet above - handmade by me, of course.

I've listed a lot more beads on Ebay - this time with Buy Now prices to see if that tempts anyone - I was thinking of opening an Ebay shop, but it is not cheap, would have to be reflected in my bead prices and if no one is interested in buying straight-away then what is the point?   My Ebay buyers seem to prefer 'the thrill of the chase'.  

I have also listed a Hot Head propane bead making torch with bench clamp so if you are thinking of dipping your toes into the world of glass bead making, this is a brilliant torch to start with.  Most of us did, this was mine and is little used - I had the chance to move to a larger torch and did. Lots also use it as a spare torch for demoing at events - perfect for that, you don't want to carrying your oxycon around with you as well!

No time to have worked on my 52 in 52 challenge this week although I have made some more beads similar to a previous style, for a commission.  I've not been slacking!

So, just to prove you've read this, would you like to let me know:  

Do you buy beads on Ebay?
If so, do you only buy through auctions?
Do you buy through Buy Now listings?
Have you ever looked at my Etsy shop?
Do you or would you buy beads through Etsy?
Or any site where you have to sign up (you have to sign up to use Ebay too!)?