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Friday, 5 September 2014

It WAS alright on the night! And the tale of the strange orbs.


It's been an exhausting few weeks!  First I had the carpet cleaner in to try and rescue the lounge carpet and no, it's not quite as cream as it once was, but it  a uniform shade of slightly darker beige; I think that's the best we can hope for.  Then Monday 1st September saw the arrival of the builders to install the fireplace.  For me, it was quite painless, sort of.  For the builders it was a nightmare - but they arrived with loads of old cloths to cover the floor this time!

First up, there is a dogleg bend in the chimney stack so they had a devil of a job getting the liner through.  But they did in the end.  Then, all going so well, they find that the slate pieces have all been cut incorrectly.  What is it they say about 'measure twice cut once'?  For 315 read 351, 135 and any other figure that has the right numbers, not necessarily in the right order.  Come 5pm they had ordered new slate and would be back Wednesday.  The lounge was again full with wrong bits of slate, disassembled fire, you name it, it was there.  Oh, and the chimney liner was not yet fixed so, not knowing how long it needed to be, was decoratively looped around my chimney stack - much to the inquisitiveness of the oldies in the street who stopped me every time I went outside my door. 

What's that in your chimney?
That silver thing
Oh that's our air supply for winter flooding (if you read this blog, you'll know we flood in storms) - so when we can't open the doors and windows we can still get air in the house
Oh, blimey, that's amazing
Old codger exits stage left.  You can fool some of the people most of the time around here.

Wednesday - back come the builders and first thing place their tea and coffee order.  Down go the cloths.  In comes the slate.  Just like Cinders feet on a good day, it fits!  They know I have to be out by 3.30 so 3.29 we are all gathering up cloths, vacuuming the carpet and getting out of the door. The demo of how the fire worked was pretty speedy.  The builders redeemed themselves a little by paying the carpet cleaning bill without question and we parted on good terms.  Would I use them again?  Yes, but with the proviso of they need to put more cloths down.

So, this is the fireplace, complete with fingerprints all over the slate.

Tip: you can clean slate with WD40 - and it leaves a lovely shine.  Far cheaper than 'slate oil' although at the price we paid for this little lot, a gift of a bottle would have gone down well!  It took me 30 minutes to WD40 the slate today and it looks much better.  It took another 10 minutes for a cat to sneak in and leave muddy foot prints on the slate, but they polished off so easily. 

Back home again, let's get some photos taken.  The top one and this one were taken within seconds of each other, as long as it takes my camera to reset and go.  So my lounge is covered in orbs?  I didn't know about orbs until I went to visit Chambercombe Manor in Devon and they mentioned them on the tour - me being me, I didn't take any photos inside the house so no orbs for me.  So what do you make of these?  I can't blame the camera, I hadn't moved on the sofa between the 2 shots, not changed camera settings, nada.  Whatever they are, I hope they like the new fireplace and if they are positive energy, I hope they leave some in the house, I'm getting fed up of everything going wrong!

And a little DIY.  My conservatory chairs were cream; my cats' feet were not clean.  I decided today that a nuff was a nuff and to do something about it.  I had this fabric left over from my bag making days so thought it would make pretty covers for the chairs.  I don't suppose it will stay clean for ages but hey, it's clean now and I have enough to do this one more time.  I have more than enough fabric lying around my studio to be able to cover these chairs for ages to come.  Somewhere between ginger and black would have been a better colour combo, but for now, these are bright and cheerful.  Not bad for 30 minutes work.

So that's my week - how was yours?  Do tell.

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  1. Glad it all worked out with the builders, you new fireplace looks lovely! Nice job with the chair cover too - very cheerful :)