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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Back to the 19th century?

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Well, here's a new one on me!  After all the recent blood tests for the assorted ails I had as well as a few I'd not come up with - all the things they say 'oh it must be your thyroid' then 'oh no, your thyroid is just in the normal level' (normal for who?) they have finally come up with something. 

I have a vitamin D deficiency.  

Back in the 19th century I'd have had rickets?  It seems it might be on the way back into the 21st century?  As an adult back then, I'd have had skeletal deformities - heaven knows what I should have now?  I had a Dexa scan a couple of years ago and my bone density is good for someone of my advancing years.  As much as I'd like to, I can’t blame Thatcher – she’d not stopped school milk when I was of an age to get it – and I loved warm school milk and drank any that came my way.  You find out who your friends are when you drink their 1/3 pint of warm school milk for them. I was a very popular girl, even at the age of 5 it was for all the wrong reasons!

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My doctor doesn't know why but 'must be due to not enough sunlight this summer (in the best summer for years, so my tan is really rust?) not eating the right foods.....'  So, pills for 3 months, then I'll either be cured or tough luck it didn't work; no need to go back, no retest, close the door on the way out. 

Apparently I should eat oily fish (sod the anaphylaxis, I could die ffs), eat more dairy products (I eat a lot but am lactose intolerant so have to watch what and how much I eat) .... eggs (yup, big on eggs) beef liver (not if my life depended on it!) and eat more processed foods enriched with Vit D (them's the ones where there is no natural goodness, 'nought taken out' because there was nothing to take out in the first place, all added back later).  Actually I don't mind the 'nought taken out' brand when I just need a bacon butty. 

So, making my own cheese, my own bread, my Riverford veg box, cooking food from raw ingredients - that's where I went wrong, I'm supposed to be eating cr*p?

I took husband with me (I have my reasons) and he asked the doctor 'why is she not processing the Vit D in her diet?  I don't have her symptoms and eat the same food so it can't be what we eat?' It seems no one will ever know - perhaps something is not functioning as it should, perhaps my body can't recognise decent food when it sees it.  I've lost my £5 bet (that there is nothing wrong so must be CFS). He did buy me an unfortified cup of coffee and a custard tart in Coffee #1 to commiserate.

I am thinking I might need to stop shopping with Ocado and start shopping elsewhere with lower quality control, I need to get all those processed foods stocked up!  I bet there's a 35p Desperate Dan cow pie out there somewhere that's fortified with Vit D - and I won't be the one eating it!


We're thinking if I sat between the 2 cats at pill time, they could see me take mine and then would be more co-operative when they take their respective thyroid and renal failure pills?  No, I don't think that will work either.  Ted is applying the same theory to his renal diet food as I would to a 35p fortified cow pie - 'not on your Nelly!'

So, if anyone reading this has been where I am today, do let me know how you got on; are you better; what did you do instead?  I'm just not feeling confident that 180 pills (2 a day for 3 months, given in 1 month prescriptions so I have to pay each time) is the answer to everything that has gone on for the past 2 or more years. 

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  1. Oh my how frustrating! Sounds to me like your doc is barking up the wrong tree blaming your diet..
    I really hope it works out for you.