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My parents were worried when I ran around with scissors – now I play with fire and (intentionally) break glass! Based in the beautiful South West of England, close to the sea and often the scene of beautiful sunsets, I am inspired by the countryside around. Working with sea glass collected from remote beaches, soda lime glass from Murano, Italy, Europe, USA and beyond, I create artisan beads, for use in my own jewellery or for you to enjoy in your own creations. But I couldn’t stop there; continuing the theme from round rods to flat sheets, mostly from the USA, I break large sheets of transparent, opaque, multi-coloured and dichroic glass into much smaller pieces to make a kiln-formed range of bright, colourful jewellery and home decoration. Each piece I make is individually designed around the shape, size and beauty of the materials and intended to be unique, wearable, usable and affordable. All my glass work is kiln annealed for strength and durability and designed to give pleasure for years to come.

Monday, 20 June 2011

All is safely gathered in

Further adventures in glass storage!

I've now made the glassy storage - some of it was already there, I've just added 87 more 'holes'. I know 10m x 33cms = 90, we had 3 that weren't quite the right length so will keep those for postal tubes, nothing wasted.

This is the glass that I needed to find a home for ... well, the bits I had not already managed to poke into a hole in the wall.

Then there's the frit that needs storing - I'm still working on that, I need to clear the shelf of CDs, tissues et al in the hope of having enough shelf room ....

I bought 100 'sample' bottles for frit storage - not they have not been used!!!!!!!

Some of the frit is in bottles, but much is in bags

Not sure when I will get a chance to actually make any beads! Too much enjoyment in seeing what I have to play with. I also bought a lot of silver leaf, copper sheet, and heaven only knows what else ... that's on the shelf for another day.

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