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My parents were worried when I ran around with scissors – now I play with fire and (intentionally) break glass! Based in the beautiful South West of England, close to the sea and often the scene of beautiful sunsets, I am inspired by the countryside around. Working with sea glass collected from remote beaches, soda lime glass from Murano, Italy, Europe, USA and beyond, I create artisan beads, for use in my own jewellery or for you to enjoy in your own creations. But I couldn’t stop there; continuing the theme from round rods to flat sheets, mostly from the USA, I break large sheets of transparent, opaque, multi-coloured and dichroic glass into much smaller pieces to make a kiln-formed range of bright, colourful jewellery and home decoration. Each piece I make is individually designed around the shape, size and beauty of the materials and intended to be unique, wearable, usable and affordable. All my glass work is kiln annealed for strength and durability and designed to give pleasure for years to come.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

New sea glass beads

I may not have put my head above the parapet for the last few weeks but I've not been inactive! Truth is I've had 'puter probs.

I thought my 'puter probs were before I went to see what was on offer last weekend but no, they've got worse and worse since the new 'puter came out of the box last Wednesday! I knew where I was with Adobe PS Elements 2 - and version 7 is from Mars. I liked Windows XP and Windows 7 is from Venus. As for FTP and websites, that problem is yet to be solved. All the things are still in the same place, on the old hard drive which is in the new 'puter (now named Kevin as it is as truculent as Kevin the Teenager) but the web site bits don't want to see them. Until someone can come and sit here (all the tea and coffee you can drink, might even throw in a Foxes ginger crunch cream biscuit) my website won't be updated. It would disappear in the attempt. Perhaps it is the time to get someone else to do it for me, a new shiny website that I only need to update from new shiny templates - but this is North Somerset and people don't seem to do anything I need around here, whatever it is I need.

Thankfully things have gone my way in my studios. Lots more drilled sea glass beads are now for sale. Click on the pics to get to the listings. Serveral people have asked me to make different or larger bacthes of drilled sea glass for them. Always happy to oblige if I have the kind of glass you are looking for so get in touch.

So, without further ado, lots of greens, lots of sea foam, mixes, little bits of blue and red, always rare in the UK ........