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Friday, 28 May 2010

Folksy Fryday - While the hoomans away the cats will play!

Well, the hoomans aren't away away, just away from the pooter, he's got man flu and she's caught bird flu (the woman equivalent of man flu is bird flu). Whatever, she's miserable, no fun to play with and so it has been left to me, Charlie, one of the superior beings in this place to sort out her Folksy Fryday for her. [Ted edit: you spell it pAlace, stoopid] .

So, let me introduce myself, I'm Charlie. That's me above, having a snooze on my sofa bed. Me and my bruvver, Ted, came here after they let us out of prison. Whatever we did was so bad the previous servants emigrated. It's not bad here but the staff are a bit on the slow side sometimes. Me and Ted share a brain cell and usually it's not my day but what I lack in brains I make up for in charm. I demand lots of my staff, I like a lot of attenshun , but it keeps them bizzy. Ted, so named because he probably looked like a teddy bear when he was born, haha, hogs the brain cell and hides under the bed most of the time. He'd rarver be called Aslan or Lenny the Lion but tuff, he's more Cowardly Lion. [Ted edit: what's the red wiggly lines for bro? Are you spellin rong?]

This is Ted. He's an untidy sleeper! He leaves a lot of ginger fluff around the place [Ted edit: pAlace! and thank hevvens they got rid of that green sofa, we worked hard to ruwin it]. There's Louise who comes here once every 2 weeks to collect up all the ginger fluff but we've trained her better and now she just fills our biscit bowl with more fud and talks to us.

We're not sure what a Folksy Fryday is. We usually have Fryday on Fursday when man hooman comes in from teaching some thing that makes people fall asleep [Ted edit: he calls it meddy tayshon] and brings home a big bit of fish for us and a few chips for them. But not to be outdone by a mere hooman we're giving this our best paw. I'll use the buttons on the plonky thing and Ted can look at the pictures. and work the mowse. He'll need 2 paws to push the buttons on the top. It looks so much ezier in that moving picture on the table, the red mowse does it on its own. This one must be broken cos it hasn't any wheels.

We hope your furry frends like our selection [Ted edit: big word - we copied from the Felix fud box]. We think these things are pretty and we would like them but we don't know her paws word to buy them on our own. Ted will go and tell her we've made a short list for krismus, nicer than the cullered bawl she bort that I dropped and cut my foot!

First we have some catnip toys by Big Sisters handmade Treasures. Don't know if the hoomans will play with them but if not we will. We liked this picture best, there are more toys in this one!

Not that we don't care they are feeling pawly and we have to feed us, we'd buy her this necklace by Purple heart Designs from her money box to remind her of the 2 things she loves most - us and mice [Ted edit: not sure she likes mice, seemed very unhappy when I left her one in the kitchen] [Charlie edit: that's cos it was still moving; she makes less noise when they stop moving]

Ted thought this would remind them of him, big fat cat, when they go to the big white food box. It's where they keep the better cat fud. Ted's got big hairy feet so you can't see his paws either so he thinks Hollowbourne's creation is perfect.

But I think this is more her thing, cute, cuddly and less hairy, just like me. Oh and a cute smile too. He's made by Pussy Galore, witch is so 'us' don't you think!?

[Ted edit: she's gone a little one like this by the pooter, I biffed it the other day because it was larfing at me. It's still larfing at me and I don't know why. I just want to hide].

Now, pay attention Ted, we need new beds. These look nice and are made by All Things Blankets and More. You see we don't like the memory foam ones she bort, can't get cumfy in them, the basket pillow is lumpy after Ted tiddled on it [Ted edit: I got scared] and it was washed. Sometimes it is nice to be near the floor and not have to jump off the beds at our age. [We're more than 8 - we can only count to 8 as we have 4 paws each, and it's more paws than we have.]

Nice bit of designer bling by Very Vintage - too much text on ours watt with phone numbers, vet's details [why do we need the vet's number?] it's not as if we don't know our way home. We follow the sound of the biscit box being shaken. No, this would be far more stylish, and it has stars, someone nows we are stars. [Ted edit: just can't get the staff these days]. And of course the hoomans are very vintage too.

Oh and you put your paw over the pictures to buy these lovely things for us. [Ted edit: I don't think our hoomans are listening, she didn't want to cuddle me, only the box with bits of white paper and he shouted at me when I touched his paw just as he was pouring the red sticky stuff on a metal stick. Why can't he lick it off the bed just like I would? He just took some of her white paper and she shouted at him. I think I'll tell them about the krismus list later].

Now, if you'll excuze us we need to paws for thought and think about where our next meal is coming from. If we stand on the tin with the biscits in we mite be able to force open the big white food box, climb in and have a look.

Charlie and Teddy


  1. You are SUCH clever cats and I just love what you've picked for your Folksy Fryday! I hope your hoomans buy you a nice treat for being so talented!! Sue x

  2. what good taste your cats have!

  3. Well done Charlie and Teddy, you handsome cats! Very good choices, hope your hoomans get well before the food in the big white box runs out.

  4. Charlie, you are the double of my cat :)xx