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Friday, 29 January 2010

Memory foam - for Folksy forum readers

If there is one thing I hate about holidays, it's that the bed is sure to be too hard for me and I won't get any sleep. Whilst I agree that nights are for partying, some of us still sleep at some stage over a 24 hour period. I find I do more sleeping than partying these days, it must be old age creeping on.

With this in mind I have, for some time, been thinking that the answer might be a memory foam mattress topper, small enough to be stored between holidays, thick enough to be useful. For ages, months, that's all I did ... think! Realising that I am about to go on holiday again soon, I thought (thinking again) that I ought to put thought into deed and get on with buying one of these things. It's not as easy as you think. How big do you want, how thick, how dense? Dense doesn't necessarily make for good, 3" of cheap foam can be less effective than 2" of high quality foam; it just got more and more confusing.

So, I asked my Folksy colleagues for advice, which they duly gave. Having read, researched, thought, compared and dithered - some of these things are mega-bucks - I came across a company, Raskelf, who made them for caravans, trucks etc and thus they were intended to be rolled and stored away. I emailed for some more advice (I emailed a few companies but these were the only one to respond) and they called me back next day to discuss . Meanwhile someone mentioned their dog had a memory foam pet bed, and Raskelf made these too.

I duly ordered, having added a storage bag, to keep my new best friend clean, and a pet bed for my arthritic cat to my order. We agreed delivery for today so I could be here for the courier delivery and, good to their word, it arrived this morning.

Charlie was sceptical at first, despite me bribing him with treats to sit on it. He was having none of it and I was beginning to think this would be as successful as the water fountain I bought him to encourage him to drink more. He's moaned and meowed about the rain showers, lack of seconds for lunch and generally been a PITA, unlike his brother who studies the insides of his eyelids for a hobby, second only to food. Then it's been quiet for 10 minutes. Has he left home? Has something happened to him? Is he unwell? Nope. The minute my back is turned, he's moved into his new bed and is zzzz-ing surrounded by his cat nip toys (of which there are many). Seems Charlie's bed is a success then. Excellent roll up cat nip toys are available from Osha on Etsy, my gugs love them and they are refillable and washable.

I will not be posting pictures of me curled up in my bed with the memory foam mattress, although I will try it out for size tonight. No, the world is not yet ready for the sight of me in bed.

Teddy, meanwhile, sleeps on anything.

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