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My parents were worried when I ran around with scissors – now I play with fire and (intentionally) break glass! Based in the beautiful South West of England, close to the sea and often the scene of beautiful sunsets, I am inspired by the countryside around. Working with sea glass collected from remote beaches, soda lime glass from Murano, Italy, Europe, USA and beyond, I create artisan beads, for use in my own jewellery or for you to enjoy in your own creations. But I couldn’t stop there; continuing the theme from round rods to flat sheets, mostly from the USA, I break large sheets of transparent, opaque, multi-coloured and dichroic glass into much smaller pieces to make a kiln-formed range of bright, colourful jewellery and home decoration. Each piece I make is individually designed around the shape, size and beauty of the materials and intended to be unique, wearable, usable and affordable. All my glass work is kiln annealed for strength and durability and designed to give pleasure for years to come.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Just one more day to enter my give-away!

Roll up, roll up. My blog give way for sea glass pendants ends 8pm UK time tomorrow. Not that many people have entered so you have more chance of winning something than in the UK lottery!

These really are pretty little pendants made from genuine pieces of English sea glass and, with sea glass having been discarded at least 50 years ago these a little piece of history.

Good luck!

Friday, 24 July 2009

Coffee & Date Muffins! delicious

Cake-loving hubby is away for the day so I thought I'd make him a treat, as well as use up some ingredients from my fridge. Here is a receipt I've used a few times for coffee and date muffins; they don't last long in this household, far too tasty.

You will need:

1 cup of chopped dates,

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon,

1 cup brown sugar,

1.5 cups flour,

1/2 teaspoon baking (bicarbonate of) soda,

1/4 cup of strong coffee,

1/4 cup of butter or margarine,

2 eggs,

1 teaspoon of baking powder and

1/2 teaspoon of salt.

For extra flavour you can add some good quality vanilla extract.

Cook for 20 - 30 minutes in a pre-heated oven 325 F or 170C (160C fan oven)

I use paper muffin cases but if not grease your muffin tin.

Mix the dates, cinnamon, coffee and about 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract (optional and to taste).

In another bowl, cream the sugar and butter, slowly beat in the eggs and beat thoroughly.

Add in the date and coffee mixture and stir well.

Add the rest of the dry ingredients and stir again.

Fill the muffin cases about 2/3 full and bake for 20-30 minutes.

This makes 12 muffins.

Whilst this is baking, sit down and rest ... you have to prepare to eat something this tasty; no point overdoing things.


It's been a long week mostly caused by computer problems. I'm not good with computers so any problem is b-i-g! I came home from work yesterday to a note from DHL that they'd tried to deliver a parcel. Now, usually DHL only deliver big parcels so I am trying to fend off questions about my recent expenditure, something I try to keep to myself in this house. So imagine my delight when I had an email from Valeria of Leatherstuff to tell me she'd sent my blog giveaway prize by DHL. I knew I'd won but wanted to see this beautiful handbag before reviewing on here for you. I made DHL's depot in record time this morning, even allowing for a second loop of the 1-way system because I missed the unmarked turning. They kept me waiting and spent, in my opinion, just a little too long checking the photo on my drivers licence (granted it is not the most flattering photo I've had taken in a photo booth) before handing over my prize.

Now I'm home, and it is unwrapped.

It is beautiful, the leather is so soft, and I adore the smell of new leather. It fastens with a secure buckle - no one will get inside without me knowing - and is one large compartment so will hold lots. Just the thing I need for the family party on Sunday, this will hold my purse, phone, camera, batteries, glasses, keys, the lot - and for once I will turn up looking sleek and polished. My family cannot help but admire my new tidiness.

Do have a look at Valeria's Etsy shop, her bags are wonderful and there are lots to chose from, including one like mine.

Thank you Valeria for such a generous blog giveaway. I love it.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

There's a moose loose about this hoose!

and I think this little darling is responsible. Yesterday I came home to several feathers in the hall but nothing feathered obviously around. Today he's walking around nonchalantly trying to pretend he's not really looking under the shoe rack in the hall to see where something has gone. I bet it's a mouse, he knows how I hate them!

In fairness, he rarely catches anything and even less brings them in - last time I screamed the place down and he got the hint. Perhaps he has a short memory.

Don't forget there are a couple more days left to enter my blog give-away for a sea glass pendant. Just let me know 4 little pieces of information so I can reconsider where I sell my jewellery and textiles.

Good luck!

Monday, 20 July 2009

My second give-away ~ little sea glass pendants

I'm having another give-away, because I I would like you to 'give-away' some information to me. Don't worry, nothing too onerous!

To enter:

(1) tell me which on-line handmade/supply sites you use as a buyer or a seller. By that I mean the sites like Etsy, Folksy, Art Fire etc, not independent shops like Fire Mountain Gems, Cookson Gold and the like. I am trying to establish which sites are most popular.

(2) how you found my shop on Etsy / Folksy / Shop Handmade

(3) leave me a way of contacting you if you are a winner.

(4) add my give-away to your blog, Twitter about it or whatever. Spread the word!

The closing date is 8pm UK time on Sunday 26 July, in celebration of my late father's 100th birthday which I will be celebrating with my family. I'd like to add at this point that no, I'm not that old .... I was born at a very early age and at a time when Dad was rather hoping for grandchildren and not another daughter! Sadly, Dad died when I was a teenager from mouth and throat cancer but none the less is still dearly missed by his family. We couldn't let this date go uncelebrated. I'm instructed to find photos of Dad for the Sunday party and will copy some on my blog in due course.

The prizes are one of three genuine sea glass pendants mounted onto silver plated bails. If you have a preference should you be a winner, just leave me a note whether you'd prefer the pendant on the left, right or centre. I got a bit carried away with the one on the left - it had a double dose of sticky dot to keep it on it's presentation card! If you aren't a winner I sell these in my shops from time time time and nearly alway have some at craft fairs .... you only have to ask if I've forgot to relist any.

Good luck.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

I made it to an Etsy Front Page!!

This last couple of weeks I've been busy making and listing and my blog seems to have fallen a little by the wayside. Sorry folks!

One of the items I listed on Etsy was a pretty pale blue hand devore silk velvet scarf which, when I looked again, had way over 100 views - when other items had only a handful. It's taken me a while to find out why but I've just realised that at some unheavenly hour of the morning US Eastern time on 17 July I made it to an Etsy front page. This is a first for me. Well, I was excited anyway. I'm not sure whether this is my 'once a year day' or 'once in a lifetime' moment; we'll have to see.

I'll leave the proof at the top of the page until I can think of something else to replace it - even straightforward instructions of how to import the code for this into a post have failed for me today. Heaven knows I have tried (several times!)