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My parents were worried when I ran around with scissors – now I play with fire and (intentionally) break glass! Based in the beautiful South West of England, close to the sea and often the scene of beautiful sunsets, I am inspired by the countryside around. Working with sea glass collected from remote beaches, soda lime glass from Murano, Italy, Europe, USA and beyond, I create artisan beads, for use in my own jewellery or for you to enjoy in your own creations. But I couldn’t stop there; continuing the theme from round rods to flat sheets, mostly from the USA, I break large sheets of transparent, opaque, multi-coloured and dichroic glass into much smaller pieces to make a kiln-formed range of bright, colourful jewellery and home decoration. Each piece I make is individually designed around the shape, size and beauty of the materials and intended to be unique, wearable, usable and affordable. All my glass work is kiln annealed for strength and durability and designed to give pleasure for years to come.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Stop the world, I want to get off!

Large stone caught in metal posts

Phew! what a busy weekend!

First we were up at some ungodly hour on Saturday morning to get to Hereford for a craft fair at the Green Dragon Hotel. The day seemed to pass slowly as there weren't many visitors, apparently there were a lot of other things going on in the town, but the few customers we had gave us a good day; sadly the same can't be said for many of my fellow stall holders. Hereford is about 60 miles from home so, because we went the scenic route through the Wye valley, took us several hours to get there. And several hours to get home!

Sunday saw a a slightly later start as were were going to The Chase Hotel in Ross-on-Wye for another craft fair. Again, we went through the Wye Valley to get there; it has to be one of the prettiest routes to get to a craft fair. Sunday was our day to have few sales, it had to be someones and it must be our turn. There were lots of visitors and many stall holders said they'd had brilliant days but we struggled (but just managed) to cover our table fee. I found this was a problem 2 years ago, when all my October fairs were poor sales so decided last year not to bother with October fairs and go on holiday instead! Then my friends (you meet some lovely stall holders at fairs) said they'd had brilliant fairs in October so I changed my mind this year and booked October fairs. Ho Humm. Certainly Sunday's fair was well attended, at times the room was crammed (and paths blocked by buggies the size of Land Rovers!) but many people weren't spending.

Funny quotes of the day ...

'Oh that's not real gold nor is that a real diamond! [Item was a £1.50 zip tag pictured below]!

Lady to husband talking at length about my wristlet key fobs which she had admired and removed one by one from the display box (over 50 of them) 'I really like them but I can't think of a single person who would be able to use them' - se we assume no one she knows has an arm or keys to a door.

One lady then chose a wristlet key fob, starting with pink, possibly brown, maybe blue? Husband then chose one for her, which she bought, because the black matched the new Aga! I've told Alistair that I'll give him the blue key fob if he buys me a blue aga in exchange. I'll forsake my cooker and a cupboard or two for an Aga!!

So now I just have the sorting out to do. Nothing seems to go in the right box when we pack up and I must find someway of not having to come home with things in bags.

Next fairs are in Salisbury on 24 October and Grittleton House on 25 October. Do come and see us - I'm the one with the blary eyes from yet another early start!

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