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Monday, 5 October 2009

Bag sellers, I need your help!

Bag sellers, how do you display your tote bags at fairs?

I'm hoping someone has a good suggestion for this. At the moment I have a piece of collapsible trellis fencing [see right of picture, apologies for quality!] which I attach to the top of a pole, hang hooks off and hang my bags from hooks. They look fine when I put them out but after a while the bags get jumbled together and the whole is not an attractive mess.

Someone else will have a better idea and I need help with this.

Also shown in the photo, my scarves hang from a rotating stand and I had thought of using the same with some small coat hangers to display the bags but they will then be visible side-on, if that makes sense, and as people pull them out have a look, I'll still be left with a muddle to sort.

I'm having a total mental block over this.

Here are the design limitations:

The stand has to be collapsible, take up little space (I have about 1 ft wide space for this) and hold a number of bags of all sizes with straps of different lengths. I don't have room in the car for a traditional coat stand nor space on my stall for something that the customer would need to walk around. It also needs to be inexpensive and makeable by someone with basic wood skills, I made the other stands in the picture with basic tools.

To aid your creative juices, having thought about this some more over coffee, if anyone comes up with a design that I eventually adopt, I will send them a prize, perhaps one of my sea glass necklaces, or a bag - we can discuss when you win. No suggestion is too daft although I won't know it until I see it.

Any questions ask away, I need to get this sorted as soon as possible as my next fair is in less than 3 weeks. Thanks to all who contribute.

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